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The PHOTO 2022 International Festival of Photography opens next week with 90 exhibitions across Melbourne featuring work by 123 artists – from local lenspeople such as Christian Thompson, Atong Atem and Hoda Afshar to international icons Cindy Sherman and Helmut Newton. American artist Paul Mpagi Sepuya entwines the practice of photography with the act of self-creation, highlighting the constructed qualities of portraiture and the photo studio as a site of performance. Made with friends, lovers, peers and members of the queer community, the pictures featured in his solo show explore the relationship between photographer and subject, using mirrors and curtains to play with reflection, exposure and concealment in a way that places the mechanics of his medium in the frame and channels its erotic charge.
Need a little new perfectly packaged polish for your personal presentation? Look no further than Hermès Plein Air – the French luxury house’s new collection of light-enhancing maquillage for your visage. With packaging designed by the fabulous Pierre Hardy, who creates Hermès beauty objets and is the creative director for Hermès shoes and jewellery, the vessels for the potions and powders are accessories in their own right. The new Baume de Teint is matched to your complexion, has a mineral-only sunscreen, provides broad spectrum SPF 30 protection and is sensually scented by esteemed nose Christine Nagel. A Pierre Hardy-designed powder brush and blotting papers decorated with tiny Hs made from hemp fibres, wood pulp and soft kozo fibres from the paper mulberry tree complete the pretty picture.
No need to look overseas for design inspiration when there is a wealth of brilliance contained in the latest publication from Australian House & Garden magazine, Great Australian Homes. From Sydney beachside abodes to stylish getaways in rural Victoria and including handsome city homes there is polished perfection on every page. Architects, designers and home owners – including design guru, television star and former Belle editor Neale Whitaker – have unleashed their personality and creative genius across the country and the outcomes are uplifting.
Home to majestic Mont Blanc and realm of the world's most glamorous ski resorts, the Haute-Savoie in the French Alps also offers a wealth of antiques, vintage and handmade pieces. So much so that stylist and creative consultant Isabella Walker-Smith has assembled her finds from the region for an online auction of some 250 pieces by Lawsons called 'Isabella's French Collection: Treasure Hunting in the Haute-Savoie'. Along with homewares from Lucy Montgomery, in the bidding are quirky glassware and vintage copper saucepans alongside humble farmhouse tables and fine antique commodes, mirrors and desks. Until 8pm, May 4.
Much-loved Bondi haunt Da Orazio has reopened its doors, with the addition of a new extension, Orazietto, and a chic new interior. “It was important for us that the design evolved from the original Da Orazio, yet retain some of the original DNA from its heritage as one of Bondi’s best-loved venues,” says Rod Faucheux, director of Loopcreative, which designed the new interiors. With textured surfaces and caramel tones, the space feels reminiscent of an endless Italian summer by the sea.
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